Investing in Laravel community

Our initial $100K fund invests in our beloved developers community to create a better bookkeeping experience.

Introducing Akaunting Apps Fund

Akaunting Apps Fund is a $100K global fund launched exclusively for Laravel developers who are willing to create apps on Akaunting App Store.

To build a vibrant ecosystem for both developers and users, we feel responsible for investing in the future of the Laravel community and building on the work done so far.

If you’re ready to develop apps to make managing a business easier, more effective, productive, and accessible, we will be thrilled to hear from you.

Funded developers will receive an investment of $300 to $3,000 to build their solutions that will be published on Akaunting App Store. The investment amount will vary according to the extent and potential of the app. And creators will be funded when the QA team approves the running app.

A Growing Community

An Akaunting investment is not just funding developers, and it also gives them an exclusive opportunity to be part of a growing Open Source community.

We’re looking for creators who are eager to develop apps that provide value to our accounting ecosystem. We aim to fund hundreds of new developers within six months.

We invite all those who meet our investment criteria to apply by filling the form below!

Who can apply?

Alternative revenue streams emerged as a response to uncertain times, we want Laravel developers to see through such times by monetizing their work.

So if you have experience in Laravel and Vue.js frameworks, and have an idea that can help businesses be more productive, you are eligible for the fund.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an idea of an app. We will be waiting for your application to see if there is an app we can suggest to you.


Anyone can code using Laravel and Vue.Js can apply to make apps for Akaunting App Store.

As stated in the previous question, having enough skills with Laravel and Vue.Js is quite enough to make apps. Plus, a computer and the internet will be a good need 🙂

The amount of the fund depends on the categories. Once you applied for the fund, you’ll be informed about the amount you will be paid.

Totally. Being funded will not change anything. You will still be having 70% of each sale. 

It is. This fund is a grant and for one-time. Let’s say it is a “welcome to Akaunting” gift 🙂

Get funded and join the growing community of Akaunting developers

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