A Sustainable Ecosystem for Growth

In the past few years, there has been an explosion of ecosystem building in software landscapes. We believe sustainability of both supply and demand of software needs such an approach.

At Akaunting, we aimed to build an ecosystem for developers, service providers, and translators to create value for companies, managers, and employees. Akaunting App Store is an outcome of our pursuit of creating a sustainable ecosystem for growth.

Akaunting ships core accounting tools needed to keep books for any company. For further features, instead of creating bloated software by adding all of them to the core, we’ve created a modular structure so that it could get extended easily.

Akaunting App Store

Akaunting is an open core business solution for bookkeeping. Users can customize and automize the solution using apps that are listed on the Akaunting App Store. Accounting software is widely used, by all kinds of businesses. For example, an app can connect an online store built with WooCommerce so that products, customers, and orders could get transferred to Akaunting automatically. Another one may be a payment gateway such as PayPal, Stripe, etc to be used on the client-side of Akaunting software to pay invoices online.

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