Akaunting is an online, open-source, and free accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers. It is built with modern technologies such as Laravel, VueJS, Tailwind, RESTful API, Livewire, etc. From invoicing to expense tracking to accounting, Akaunting has all the basic tools needed to manage money online. For further features, instead of creating bloated software by adding all of them to the core, we’ve created a modular structure so that it could get extended easily.

Akaunting provides an awesome App Store for users and creates an income channel for Laravel developers all around the world. A module is a kinda Laravel package, it has some routes, views, controllers, and models.

Module vs App

While technically we call it Module, we name it App in the UI for the end-user as that’s what they are familiar with.

Install Akaunting

First of all, let’s install Akaunting in 3 basic steps:

  • Clone the repository: git clone
  • Install dependencies: composer install ; npm install ; npm run dev
  • Install Akaunting:
php artisan install --db-name="akaunting" --db-username="root" --db-password="pass" --admin-email="[email protected]" --admin-password="123456"
  • Create sample data (optional): php artisan sample-data:seed

You can also install Akaunting within one-click on DigitalOcean, Linode, or via Docker.

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