Generate passive income while building Laravel

More than 100 thousand companies globally trust Akaunting to run their business! But they need developers to build apps that help them focus on what matters. Become a member of a growing ecosystem that brings flexibility to users.

Develop apps for Akaunting App Store to solve real business problems. 

Help small business owners and freelancers customize their bookkeeping.

Grow your alternative revenue streams with increasing numbers of users.

What is Akaunting App Store?

Akaunting is an open core business solution for bookkeeping. Users can customize and automize the solution using apps that are listed on the Akaunting App Store. Akaunting offers dozens of apps from accounting to e-commerce, from payment methods to project management for small business owners to do their jobs more professionally. This is a marketplace model where developers can list their apps running on Akaunting.


Companies all around the world.


Registered developers.


GitHub stars.

High-potential Apps

Stay up-to-date with following the requested apps list and be the first one who develops the wanted apps.

70% Commission

You get 70% of each sale! We cover everything else. After $20K sales in total, your commission rate increases to 80%.

Alternative Revenue Stream

Users get yearly subscriptions. So, developers can get passive recurring income by publishing on App Store.

Ease of the Laravel

Apps are like Laravel packages with some routes, views, and models. Knowing Laravel is pretty enough to start making apps.

Built-In App Store

App Store is available for all Akaunting installations, both self-hosted and cloud. All users can get your app in seconds.

Global Users

Akaunting is a global project having users worldwide. which means that hundreds of local and/or global apps are required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Learn more about being a developer at Akaunting App Store through the questions of people like you.

Akaunting App Store is a managed marketplace. If you are interested in building for Akaunting, you can become a developer/vendor by applying the Apps Fund here.

Akaunting is an open-core software built with popular frameworks like Laravel and Vue.js. You might need to have a hands-on experience with these beloved technologies to ship for Akaunting App Store.

We believe in building ecosystems. Akaunting Apps Fund is an initial step to boost the community of developers in supplying relevant solutions that help our users. 

What People Say About Being an Akaunting Developer

You Are in Good Hands

I love the ease of developing apps for Akaunting. It’s one of the pioneers of the Laravel community and I always appreciate their contribution. I’m always proud of being a part of the ecosystem. 


Laravel provides a simple framework for developing fast. Production scalability without sacrificing simplicity is a rare thing. I’ve experienced this as I developed for Akaunting. It is fast, simple, and scalable. I love it.

Raphael Freelance Developer

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